About Us

about us

PCS has a rich history of working to improve people's health and well-being through the provision of pest control services and products. In as much as we are proud of where we are coming from, we are also more than enthusiastic about our future. We want to create a healthier lifestyle for people in Zimbabwe. Through the years, our researchers have helped to find new ways to treat and control all types of pests and pest related problems.

The company was founded by Mr. Pharos in 2005. He studied Entomology at the University of Massachusetts and worked in the United States before coming in Zimbabwe in August 2002. Realising the lack of reputable and customer centred pest control companies in the country, he found it necessary to fill this gap. We have an in depth experience of integrated pest control services.


About Us: Our Mission

To provide a wholesome, memorable and affordable pest control services experience to individuals, private and public companies using the latest pest control technologies and in an environmentally responsible manner, creating value for our employees, partners and customers.

About Us: Our vision

To be the best and affordable pest control company in Harare, Zimbabwe and beyond.


Our Values

  1. Commitment: Our determination to solve any pest control problem is unequalled.

  2. Customer Focus: In everything we do, our customer’s needs will always take centre stage. We want to meet your needs
  3. Honesty: Our business culture is bordered on trust and honesty, a value which every employee within our rank and fold identifies with.
  4. Integrity: Our moral uprightness and belief in ethical conduct drives our ethical compass.
  5. Responsibility: A commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way