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pest control hararePest Control Harare companies provide pest control and fumigation services to solve all the pest control problems in households and companies. At Pest Control Services, we provide affordable, sustainable and durable pest control services. We provide guaranteed pest solutions for rodent (rats), cockroaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, fleas and snakes. Moreover, we provide pest control harare services for mosquitoes, centipedes, millipedes, silver fish and all flying and crawling insects. As a fully functional pest control Harare company, we have established a reputation of quality, honesty, reactive and paying a listening ear to both the residential and commercial customers. We would want to build a lasting and beneficial relationship with our customers based on trust and respect.

Our Pest Control Harare Services

1. General Pest Control Services

Do you have a residential and commercial pest control problem? At Pest Control Services, we provide solutions for all flying and crawling insects that you may encounter. Do you have a roach problem? Or rodent issue? Is your household is bedeviled by mosquitoes? Maybe ants are wrecking havoc inside your bedrooms and lawn. Are you in the retail, hospitality and leisure, construction, real estate, financial services and farming sectors? At Pest Control Services, we offer customized pest control Harare services  for both residential and commercial entities for all pest issues.

2. Termite Control & Treatment

Have you got a termite issue? Termites cause a lot of damages to property and investment. For all pest problems combined, termites constitute the most destructive pest for homeowners. At Pest Control Services, we offer pre and post constructional termite proofing services for both residential and commercial entities.  At PestCon, we offer durable and sustainable termite control harare services to ensure that termites are kept at bay.

3. Bee Removals Harare

Have you got a bee problem on your residential or commercial premise? Bees can find home in any place but usually the ceiling, in air vents, on trees and in the ground. At PestCon, we provide human bee removal services in Harare. Humane means we do not kill bees unless they pose a serious risk on the person working on them. Bees are very important in the ecosystem. Therefore, they should be protected.

4. Export and Wood Pallet Fumigation Harare

Are you intending to export your timber and wooden items? Get in touch today so that we fumigate them and provide a fumigation certificate. According to international standards, these items should be fumigated. We shall thereafter provide a fumigation certificate which shall accompany the fumigated items.

Why You  Should Choose our Pest Control Harare Services

There are a lot of reasons you should choose our pest control services. In Harare and Zimbabwe, there are a lot of pest control companies. Though the are many pest control Harare companies, some like Pest Con are a notch above the rest. This is because of the following reasons:

a. Family, Pet and Environmentally Friendly Products

We use safe pest control Harare products to solve all your pest control products. As a company, we would want to solve your needs without exposing your family, pets and the environment. There are some pest control products which are dangerous. This products can expose your family to injury, sickness or even death. These are dangerous products. They are not even recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture. At Petcon, our products are therefore safe and effective. Moreover, they have antidotes meaning even if there is accidental exposure, medical attention can be obtained.

b. Guaranteed Pest Control Harare Services

Our services are also guaranteed. From rodent control, roach control, ant control, bed bug control and more, our residential and commercial clientele is rest assured of guarantees. If we come and do rat control, we normally give a six months guarantee for our services. This means that if the rodent control comes back in the same period, we shall come and retreat without charging our customers anything. By doing so, our customers are rest assured that we shall be around to solve their pest control problems.

c. Professional and Established Pest Control Company

Pest Control Services is a professional and reputable company. We have been in the pest control Harare and Zimbabwe industry for more than 40 years. Over this time period, we have seen it all. We are therefore in a position to tackle any pest control problem that our customers can encounter. This experience should therefore give our customers an assurance that their problem is being attended to by a professional company that has seen the problem before.

d. Investment in Training and Processes

As a pest control Harare services company, we have also invested in the training of our personnel. Our team has undergone training in customer relations, effective communication, service quality, customer retention and more. By investing in our team, we have therefore ensured that the customer experience is fluent and satisfactory. We prioritize our customers for the present and future. Not only have we focused on our team. We have also fine tuned our processes to ensure that our customers benefit from economies of scale and reduced prices.