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Looking for ant control services Harare services? At Pest Control Services (Pvt) Ltd, we offer affordable ant pest control services to all customers.

As trusted ant exterminators near you, we have an all right knowledge of ant behavior and effective means of controlling the problem. Whether you have ants inside the house or in the garden, you need an assurance your ant problem is solved.

Do you have white ant treatment, black ants, wood ants, argentine ants and copper bellied ants?

Dangers Ants Pose To Your Home and Health in Zimbabwe

Besides the fact that ants around your home is unappealing, ants pose more real threats than most people think. Ants can affect your health and home in the following ways.

Ants Damage Your Home

Most people understand the damage that termites pose to properties and homes in Zimbabwe.  However ants also cause a similar damage to homes. For instance, carpenter ants create nests in wood and hollow areas and tunnel through wood. Mostly, the damage they cause is hidden in walls, door frames, decks and other wood surfaces. If you notice wood shavings under a wood surface you may have a carpenter ant problem.

Biting Risks

Ants also pose a risk of biting. All ants are capable of biting especially if they are threatened. These bites can cause some pain and discomfort. Some species of ants such as fire ants inject venom with the stinger. Besides being painful, ant stings can cause swelling, redness and itchiness around the itch marks. In some cases, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, dizziness, chest pain and difficult breathing have also been reported. Preventing an ant infestation in your home in Zimbabwe is therefore imperative.

Dangers from Other Pests That Scavenge for Ants

Besides damage to your home and biting risks, ants that are in your home are also a food source to other pests. Many spiders including the black widow and brown recluse spider are known to consume ants if given the opportunity. Bats such as vampire may also be attracted to an ant infestation in your home. You therefore risk having more pests in your home if you leave ants in your home. Call us today to prevent such consequences.

Our Ant Control Harare Procedure

At Pest Control Services, we use family & pet effective sprays and dusting powders that keep your ant problem at bay. Call us today.