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Looking for affordable and effective termite control Harare services? Besides guaranteed pest control services, PCS also offers effective termite control and treatment services. Termites cause a lot of damages on property. Many people lose thousands of dollars in repair costs to property. It is therefore important for people to prevent against termites on their properties to preserve the value of the properties.

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Termites attack cupboards, the ceiling, skating, wooden door frames other wooden flooring. They therefore cause a lot of head aches to property owners.

PCS offers effective termite control and treatment services to all residential and commercial customers. We send out termite technicians for free and do an onsite assessment.

Our Termite Assessment Process

termite control assessmentWhen you give us a call, we will come to your property in Harare for free. Our termite assessment team would want to establish the source of the problem, the termite types on your property, the number of termite nests and the extent of the termite damage if any. There are many termite species which do different damage to different wood items.

Quotation Preparation

Our termite technicians will collect all this information and the company will prepare a quotation based on what they would have discovered on the ground. Upon your approval, we will bring our technicians to attend to the termite treatment.

The Termite Control Process

Our termite control process involves fogging the termite nests. We also apply some gas toxins and liquid termiticide in the nest. Fogging the termite nests is important. The queen stays in the termite nest. If we kill the termite queen, then we would have killed the entire colony. Termite control also involves spraying the house where the termites have already attacked or areas not yet under attack. Spraying areas not yet under attack will put a protective coating so that there is no future termite attack.

Termite Control Guarantees

PCS offers excellent guarantee periods. When we fog a nest, you would want to see the problem gone for good. For harvester termite nests, we give five year guarantee periods and for house treatment, it will be 5 years also. This means if ever you see a treated nest developing again, we will come without charging you anything. However, if it is a new nest that would have developed we charge you for those new nests.

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