Residential Pest Control

PCS is your ultimate residential pest control services provider of choice in Harare, Zimbabwe

Besides being a nuisance, pests and insects can result in property and structure damage, harm the environment, transmit diseases and also cause other health dangers.

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PCS is here to protect your family and loved ones by being there when ever our services are required by providing residential pest control services that last. We want to provide you year round protection and a Home Pest Protection Programme for homeowners which includes four visits each year.

For each residential pest control visit, PCS:

  • Conducts thorough pest control inspection of your property, identifying and noting any pest activity. We also identify factors that may invite a pest attack including structural weaknesses and environmental factors.
  • Conducts an effective and environmentally sensitive pest treatment exercise if it is needed. We use the best treatment methods possible.
  • We treasure your feedback and interaction. We discuss with the homeowner our findings, treatment giving recommendations where necesary.

In between our residential pest control services, we guarantee you a guaranteed pest control response. In the event that pests return between visits, we commit to come at no charge.

Residential Pest Control On-Site Consultations and Inspections

residential pest control inspcetionsWe understand why pests exist in your home or residential dwelling. We will take time to thoroughly inspect your home or property until we understand and appreciate the source of the problem. We will then present viable and effective solutions for the identified properly identifying each pest that we seek to control. Insects that cannot be identified with the naked eye are placed under a microscope for further review.

Different pests and insects live in different conditions. Pests want three necessary conditions that emanate from your home. These are food, water and shelter. When we conduct an onsite inspection we evaluate thoroughly areas such as external foundations, windows, dorrs, windws, cracks or any other holes that pests can use to get through and need repair.

We will then explain in detail our findings and advice you why our method will solve the pest problem. We have the expertise, knowledge, training and equipment to perform an effective residential pest control exercise.